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This is a filtration technology that momentarily reacts (adsorption) with organic matter by electromagnetic induction using electrocatalytic technology to separate water and solid at ultra-high speed. It is effective in processing organic matter, floating
A green algae control system to treat the Chl-a, T-N, T-P, and SS, which can promptly and effectively remove algae generated from water systems such as rivers using an ultra-high-speed microbubble generation system.
SS, BOD, COD, and turbidity (NUT) are treated with a filtration technology that automatically cleans the contaminants accumulated on the inner surface of the screen by means of a residual pressure with the suction cleaning module while filtering the raw w
It is a new concept renovation method to form a strong composite pipe by injecting mortar between the existing piping and the segment after assembling a segment of light-weight transparent polymer material into the pipe, regardless of the shape of the age