Civil engineering
NUSU ZERO HI-VP PIPE was developed to enhance watertightness and impact resistance to cope with the increase of water being used due to the water leakage arisen from damage and poor connection of water pipes.
The leakage of wastewater due to the corrosion (damage) and poor connection of sewage pipes is causing environmental pollution. In this regard, NUSU ZERO PIPE was developed to prevent environmental pollution.
The optimized mixing with the application of high-functional additives (COMPOUND) enhanced the strength against the internal and external pressures and tensile strength resulting in over 2 times of durability and impact-resistance in comparison with the e
SSEN-3P HI-VP GIS PIPE is used to identify buried water pipes by attaching wires for pipeline exploration and allowing current to flow. ※ Grease application to prevent corrosion after construction
The impact-resistant water pipe accessories are double-coated (blue) on the inner and outer surfaces, so as to be highly corrosion-resistible, highly economical, and applicable to the large diameter (D400).
The raw material is highly hygienic to be mainly used for food containers and cutting boards, and free from corrosion and electrolytic corrosion. Also, its material cost and maintenance cost are low
As the PE water pipes are welded by electric fusion (FE) and butt fusion method that enables simple installation process and time reduction.
The high-strength PVC double-wall pipe has a smooth inner surface with low friction coefficient, and the EPDM rubber ring joint method ensures the complete watertightness. In addition, it has the advantage of simple connection installation and no corros
This pipe includes the impact-resistance sewage pipe, straight pipe, expander pipe (One-end collar type pipe), and tightening type (SP type), which are mainly connected to sewer pipes, and the smooth inner surface provides the stable flow rate to preven
The wastewater receiver is separated from the path of the toilet and household sewage to prevent the mixing of sewage (blocking the odor), and the small manhole retains excellent external pressure strength with a vertical straight design considering the e
PVC sewage pipe accessories are largely divided into general (branch) and transparent parts, and the EPDM rubber ring joint method makes installation simple and ensures watertightness.
HDPE double-wall pipe has high strength against external pressure and high tensile strength as its section is designed in I-beam structure, and is free of corrosion and is semi-permanent as it is not affected by chemical substances such as acids and alk
PE multi-wall pipe is designed with a cross-shaped internal structure and an anti- loosening type (wedge type) to improve adhesion and prevent separation (breakage) of the adhesive layer due to differential settlement or partial load.
PE sewage pipe accessories are classified into general (PE material) accessories and PE sewer pipes or joint pipes connecting accessories (PE band, SUS band, round bar support connector).